Next Chapter Meeting

Fall 2018 Annual Meeting
September 14-15, 2018

Springhill Marriott Suites
1421 SE Tech Center Drive
Vancouver, WA 98683

Friday September 14 – Social activity and Dinner
Saturday September 15 – Sessions and Dinner

Announcing the PNW chapter’s annual fall meeting! On Saturday, September 15, we will meet new indexers and greet veteran indexers for an informative, productive, and enjoyable program that includes:

Indexing in digital environments
Pilar Wyman, recipient of the 2017 Hines Award and longtime advocate for the indexing profession at the local, national, and international levels, has also been a leader in moving indexing into the digital age. In her session, she will discuss  indexing for digital publications, giving an overview of the current state of the field and the software, skills, and training that indexers need to work in it. She will also give a glimpse into future possibilities and trends. The session will continue with a panel featuring Jan Wright, 2009 Wilson Award for Excellence in Indexing recipient with decades of indexing experience in all formats, along with a few local indexers who are working in different digital environments.

Disaster planning for your business
Carolyn Weaver, 2015 Hines Award recipient and PNW/ASI founding member, will lead a discussion on preparing your business for the unexpected, whether technological, environmental, or health-related. Good business practices, up-to-date security systems, and redundant backup systems are logical defenses against technological and environmental disasters. Unpredictable health-related disasters can be even more devastating for a small business owner, so we’ll also discuss systems for maintaining up-to-date instructions for a “trustee” (family member or colleague) who can act on your behalf in dealing with clients and other business matters if you are suddenly incapacitated.

The new tax law
Greg Bessert, local attorney, has represented tax and business clients through his Bessert Law Firm in Battle Ground, Washington since 1992.  He will be presenting on how changes in the 2017 tax law affect self-employed people such as us. After going over scenarios of tax situations at three different income levels, he’ll take questions and also address inquiries submitted ahead of time.

“Knotty Bits” group discussion
Since we didn’t solve all of our “knotty bits” last year, Judy Staigmiller will moderate the discussion as we once again put our heads together to come up with solutions for perplexing indexing problems. Participants will submit “knotty bits” both ahead of time and during the discussion, knowing that many minds working together are much better than one mind in isolation when it comes to generating possible solutions to aggravating conundrums.

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