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Fall Meeting on October 3, 2015

Posted on July 30, 2015 by

Save the date! The PNWASI Fall Meeting will be held on October 3, 2015 in Vancouver, Washington.

The Fall PNW/ASI conference is designed to demystify the judging process for indexes submitted for the annual ASI/EIS Publishing Award for Excellence in Indexing (formerly the ASI/H.W. Wilson Award).  During the annual EIS judging, nominated indexes are evaluated by a seven-member EIS committee, using criteria that reflect the best contemporary practices in indexing. The EIS criteria have been adopted for use by the ASI Training in Indexing Course, and are also invaluable for the evaluation and polishing of one’s own work.

For more information please see the preliminary announcement on our Next Chapter Meeting page.

ASI National Conference

Posted on April 25, 2015 by

Join us for the 2015 ASI Conference

Seattle, Washington, April 29–May 1

The Indexers’ Café

The state of the art of indexing and the publishing world is in constant flux, and keeping up with the evolution of the field requires lifelong learning. Where can you find what you need?

The primary source for information and education about indexing is the American Society for Indexing (ASI). At our annual conferences we present sessions on the best and most up-to-date advances in indexing as an information organization and retrieval resource. In 2015 we will host the conference at Motif Seattle in the heart of Seattle, Washington, just five minutes from Pike Place Market.

Check out all the conference details at

Officers for 2015

Posted on January 1, 2015 by

The votes for the PNW/ASI elections have been tallied and these are the results:
  • Madge Walls has been unanimously elected President for the 2015 term.
  • Carolyn Weaver has been unanimously elected Vice President for the 2015 term and President Elect for the 2016 term.
  • Margaret Berson has been unanimously elected Treasurer for a two-year term, for 2015-2016.
Linda Stumbaugh will continue to serve as our Secretary.
Many thanks to everyone!

Upcoming Elections for 2015

Posted on October 14, 2014 by

We are thrilled to have a full slate of candidates for 2015:

  • President – Madge Walls
  • Vice President – Carolyn Weaver
  • Secretary – Linda Stumbaugh
  • Treasurer – Margaret Berson

And if anyone else wants to volunteer, it is not too late to make it a real contest for any of the above offices.

Stay tuned for news of a formal election.

Fall Conference Wrap-Up

Posted on October 14, 2014 by

Well, it’s Monday morning. The fun is all over, but I wanted to report that the 2104 ASI PNW Fall Conference was deemed a great success by all who attended. The Conference task team of Sherry Smith, Maria Sosnowski, Scott Smiley, Judy Staigmiller, and Elspeth Richmond earned big thanks for all the planning and effort they put into making it one of the best ever.

Sheila Ryan, the keynote presenter, handily blew away the fog that many of us (me in particular!) experience when trying to visualize the process involved in creating a linked index for an e-book. It’s a skill that we can master to increase our value to our customers who want an e-index in addition to the standard paper index. Now I have to go back to my Kindle and see how indexes are handled in the nonfiction books I have read. Embarrassingly, I never thought to look – just assumed they weren’t there!

In the early afternoon we discussed Marketing for the Long-Term Indexer. Much of our marketing advice is pitched at new indexers who are looking for their first job, but what about those who have been around for a long while and suddenly find their business has dropped dramatically? This has happened to many of us, often more than once. Many good ideas were tossed around, and we found comfort in knowing that we were not struggling alone.

Later we shared Solutions to Indexing Problems. We discovered that among us we had varied approaches to the same problems, and some pretty lively discussions ensued. We work in such isolation, and it was fascinating to compare approaches and share ideas.

The Marriott Springhill Suites in Vancouver, WA, was a new and ideal venue for our meeting. The guest and conference rooms were clean, comfortable, and spacious; the location easy and central; the staff more than gracious and helpful. We enjoyed the two restaurants chosen for Friday and Saturday night dinners, and of course Panera for lunch is always a good choice.

New friendships were made; old friendships renewed; and evaluations were uniformly tip-top.

Thanks so much to the Conference task team and Sheila for all their work and care; and to all who attended with good will and sharing.

I also have very good news regarding leadership of PNW chapter in 2105. We have a full slate of officers:

President – Madge Walls

Vice President – Carolyn Weaver

Secretary – Linda Stumbaugh

Treasurer – Margaret Berson

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stay tuned for news of a formal election.

And if anyone else wants to volunteer, it is not too late to make it a real contest for any of the above offices.

One more thing: We are the host chapter for ASI 2015 in Seattle, yippee! I hope to see you all there, and trust you will raise your hands to volunteer for some of the many tasks that go into making a fabulous national convention.

Cheers and happy indexing,

Madge Walls

ASI PNW President

Chapter Meeting Oct. 4, 2014

Posted on April 27, 2014 by

The annual conference for The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society for Indexing will be held in Vancouver, Washington on October 4, 2014. The Program Team is planning a lively and educational experience.

Details will follow: lodging, dinners, program topics, location and directions, etc.

Our Program Team Members are Sherry Smith, Elspeth Richmond, Scott Smiley, Maria Sosnowski, and Judy Staigmiller

Elections in November

Posted on October 24, 2013 by

Our chapter elections will be happening in November and we need a candidate for Vice President.

The primary responsibility of the chapter VP will be to oversee the meeting planning process. We currently have one chapter meeting per year and the VP will have the assistance of all board members throughout the planning process.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Judi Gibbs or one of the other board members.


Chapter Meeting Sept. 28 at Bastyr

Posted on August 4, 2013 by

The Pacific Northwest Chapter of ASI will be holding the next chapter meeting on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at Bastyr University, Kenmore, Washington.

Those of you who have been there will recall that Bastyr is a beautiful and serene venue, “an accredited, globally respected institution of natural health arts and sciences” that “is improving the planet through innovative education, research and clinical service.” They always welcome us warmly. Bring your walking shoes, as this is a terrific place to stroll on campus and through the nearby woods.

Our speaker for the day is Lucie Haskins of the Rocky Mountain Chapter. She is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful members of our profession and an excellent and entertaining speaker. She will speak on Working Smarter, Not Harder, and Vetting the Book. See registration packet for details.

Madge Walls will also share the results of an informal survey of publishers based on the questions  submitted by PNW indexers: everything you always wanted to ask a publisher about their indexing wants and needs but were afraid to ask!

For more information, please visit the Next Chapter Meeting page and download the registration packet.

Website update

Posted on September 2, 2012 by

Our website is migration is nearly complete and we are now using the WordPress platform. Some links may be temporarily unavailable as we make the transition so please check back soon.