Nominations Process

Since 2005 the PNW Chapter has been engaged in developing a process through which we can annually recognize publishers who value well-crafted indexes and respect the indexers who produce them.

The criteria for naming publishers to the honor roll are:

  • consistently utilizes professional indexers to prepare indexes;
  • reserves adequate space for a well-prepared index;
  • allows adequate time to complete a well-prepared index;
  • provides adequate budget for a well-prepared index;
  • pays invoices promptly.

As indexers, you decide which of your clients meet the criteria.

Send an email to¬†Sherry Smith by the deadline with the names of publishers or packagers you wish to recognize. Sherry will collect the information and compile a list. The list of honorees will be announced (by company name only) at the next Fall chapter meeting. The publishers and packagers will be recognized in a paid advertisement in Publisher’s Weekly. Press releases will announce the Honor Roll to newspapers in all parts of the country. In addition, we will recognize honored publishers and packagers at Wordstock and other book fairs during the rest of this year and through the next Spring.

At the same time that you submit names of publishers and packagers, provide Sherry Smith with the names, titles, and contact information for those with whom you work at each firm. A personal letter signed by the PNW/ASI chapter president will go to each publisher or packager to notify them of the honor. The letter will include the criteria (above) on which the selections were based. The only people who will be privy to publisher contact information are Sherry Smith and the current PNW/ASI chapter president.

Selecting and honoring our best clients each fall is an annual event.

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