Officers & Committees

Current Officers

  • Chair: Judy Staigmiller
  • Co-Program Chairs: Sam Arnold-Boyd and Daniel Heila
  • Treasurer: Angela Howard


Description of officer duties may be found on our  Officer/Committee Job Descriptions page.

Reimbursement vouchers should be accompanied by receipts and submitted to the Treasurer

Committees and Coordinators

  • Sam Arnold-Boyd, Program Committee
  • Carolyn Weaver and Wanda Meck, Co-Webmasters
  • Judi Staigmiller, Archivist
  • Maria Sosnowski, Membership Coordinator
  • Publicity Committee needs volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering on a committee, please contact the committee coordinator above. If you are interested in being a coordinator for an inactive committee, please contact one of the chapter officers.

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