Pro Bono Program Guidelines

The purpose of this project is to match qualified beginning indexers with non-profit organizations that need indexes. Experienced indexers will serve as reviewers so that all indexes are of professional quality.

These are the requirements of the volunteer indexer:

  • ASI membership – The indexer must be a member of the American Society for Indexing and of the Pacific Northwest Chapter.
  • Training – The indexer must have completed a professionally recognized training with direct feedback and evaluation from an instructor. The name of the course and the instructor, with completion date, is sufficient documentation.
  • Marketing plan – The indexer must have a marketing plan that is being implemented. An outline of that plan should be submitted.
  • Sample index – The indexer must submit a sample index for a book of at least 100 pages to be reviewed and accepted by the experienced indexers on the committee.
  • Return service – The indexer must agree to write a report about the project that includes a description of the non-profit organization, the document indexed, the assistance provided by the experienced indexer, and any delights or difficulties associated with the project. This report, with beginning and ending dates of the project, shall be submitted no later than 30 days after submission of the index. The indexer must also agree to serve as an experienced indexer on the committee within two years of completing a pro bono index.

Application process

Please submit a letter with your contact information, ASI membership #, and requested subject areas. The information about training and marketing can be included on this letter. Keep it short. Send it with your sample index to Sherry Smith. Both documents should be RTF.

Your application will be placed in the “file”. As projects become available, volunteer indexers will be contacted. If you find a project on your own and want to complete the index as part of the Pro Bono Program, contact Sherry Smith for the guidelines for non-profit organizations.

Download our brochure describing the program (pdf format, 303 KB). This requires Acrobat Reader; if you do not have it, you can download it for free from Adobe.

Still have questions or want to participate? Send an e-mail to Sherry Smith, PNW/ASI Pro Bono Committee Coordinator.

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