Directory Application

Application instructions:

1. Members in good standing with ASI and who have chosen PNW/ASI as their chapter are invited to participate in the online Directory. This opportunity is included in your ASI membership when you check-off the PNW Chapter. There is no charge for a listing.

  • Listings are renewed every year. To renew your current listing, send a note of your preference to
  • To register a new listing for the┬áPNW online directory, send a message to with the information below. New listings are accepted at any time.

2. Provide your name and contact information. Your business name will be used for the main entry, personal name (if different) for a cross-reference. Please offer your information in the style and order of the sample entry below. (More details further below in the Style Sheet section)

Company Name
Personal Name
2845 Your Street (optional)
Portland, Oregon 97223

Name, Your. See Company Name
(if applicable)

3. Choose up to 10 entries total – including subject specialties and kinds of indexing.

  • Choose your subject specialties and skills. It is recommended you choose those subject fields in which you are most experienced, or which you prefer most, or some combination of these.
  • Please list all ten choices in alphabetical order.
  • We are trying to streamline the subject listings page so please try to select from the existing┬áspecialty headings.

4. Review your submission, spell-check, verify order, numbers and URLs. Send to

5. After receiving confirmation that your listing is uploaded, review your online listing for accuracy. Send a message noting any problems to

Caveat statement on the Directory itself:
“This Directory leads to a self-selected list of indexers who are members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society for Indexing and are willing to be contacted about freelance indexing projects. The PNW Chapter encourages each publisher to discuss projects with indexers and confirm appropriate qualifications.”

Style Sheet for the Online Directory

  • Main entry will use business name with a cross-reference from personal name to business name. Place personal name in full on second line of entry. If no business name exists, place name in first line of entry.
  • No cross-reference will be used when business name starts with the indexer’s last name.
  • For addresses with post office boxes in the US, use “PO” (not “P.O.”) for consistency.
  • Spell out street, drive, road, court, etc. Include zip code.
  • Canadian addresses may use the format as follows:
    Business Name
    street address (optional)
    city, province, postal code
    (….) 345-1180
    Name, Your. See Company Name
    (if applicable)
  • There are no alternative phone numbers or email addresses. Choose one. No fax numbers, please. If the client wishes to fax you, they will ask for that number.
  • Updating an entry may be done at any time.
  • Non-members will be deleted annually, with warning, each Spring.
  • In the Specialties and Skills Directory, entries will be listed under the business name only, with a link to the indexer contact information in the alphabetic listings. When reviewing an entry, always check that the links to each part of the Directory work.

Sample entry submission

DrillDown Indexing
Mia Kulpa
2845 Your Street (optional)
Somewhere, State 97223
(503) 345-1180

Kulpa, Mia. See DrillDown Indexing

Specialties and Skills
Software Development
Wellness and Prevention

(10 entries total, alpha order)


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