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Visit our alphabetical directory of members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter who have chosen to be listed in our Directory of Indexers.

Members of PNW/ASI wishing to be included in the Directory should visit the Application page.

This Directory is a self-selected listing of indexers who are members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society for Indexing and are willing to be contacted regarding freelance indexing projects. The PNW Chapter encourages each publisher or author to discuss projects with indexers and confirm appropriate qualifications.

Why hire a professional indexer?

A good author deserves a professionally produced index. There are specific indexing skills which are developed with experience:

  • text analysis;
  • ability to identify significant concepts/themes in texts and represent them with suitable index terms;
  • ability to organize multiple references into helpful subheading sequences;
  • consistency in cross-referencing and double entry;
  • a recognition of insignificant mentions of a subject which lead the reader nowhere; and
  • an ability to empathize with the proposed readership.

These are all skills honed by practice, and unless the author has previously indexed a book [and endured knowledgeable critiques of the index], he or she is unlikely to have the experience or proficiency to do this to the same standard as a professional indexer.

From Last But Not Least: A Guide for Editors Commissioning Indexes (1998, Society of Indexers) (free to publishers)


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