Directory of Indexers (alphabetical)

The following is an alphabetical roster of members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter who have chosen to be listed in our Directory of Indexers. A listing by subject specialty and skills is also available.

This Directory is a self-selected listing of indexers who are members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society for Indexing and are willing to be contacted regarding freelance indexing projects. The PNW Chapter encourages each publisher or author to discuss projects with indexers and confirm appropriate qualifications. Members of PNW/ASI wishing to be included in the Directory should visit the Application page.

Why hire a professional indexer? A good author deserves a professionally produced index. There are specific indexing skills which are developed with experience:

  • text analysis;
  • ability to identify significant concepts/themes in texts and represent them with suitable index terms;
  • ability to organize multiple references into helpful subheading sequences;
  • consistency in cross-referencing and double entry;
  • a recognition of insignificant mentions of a subject which lead the reader nowhere; and
  • an ability to empathize with the proposed readership.

These are all skills honed by practice, and unless the author has previously indexed a book [and endured knowledgeable critiques of the index], he or she is unlikely to have the experience or proficiency to do this to the same standard as a professional indexer.

From Last But Not Least: A Guide for Editors Commissioning Indexes (1998, Society of Indexers)

Allex Indexing
Wendy Allex
6039 Sunshine Drive
Ferndale, WA 98248-9234

Arnold-Boyd, Sam. See Cascade Indexing

Cascade Indexing
Sam Arnold-Boyd
185 W. 35th Place
Eugene, OR 97405

Costello Indexing
Lisa Costello
PO Box 588
Columbia City, OR 97018

DH Indexing
Donald Howes
414-9880 Manchester Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia, V3N 4R3
(778) 955-8644

Hallinger, Linda Herr. See Herr’s Indexing Service

Herr’s Indexing Service
Linda Herr Hallinger
76-340 Kealoha St.
Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Howard, Angela. See Technical Indexing Services

Howes, Donald, See DH Indexing

Index Plus
Maria Sosnowski
4930 N Princeton St.
Portland, OR 97203
Officer 2007-2009, 2016

InOrder Freelance Indexing
Judy Staigmiller
870 Sanders Ave., Unit B.
Bozeman MT 59718

Rush, Laurel. See Tempo Indexing

Ryan Indexing
Sheila M. Ryan
Portland, OR
Officer 2009-2010

Scott Smiley, Ph.D., Indexer of Books
Scott Smiley
8906 NE 136th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98682-3059
Officer 2005-2010, 2016

Sheila M. Ryan. See Ryan Indexing

Smiley, Scott, Ph.D. See Scott Smiley, Ph.D., Indexer of Books

Sosnowski, Maria. See Index Plus

Staigmiller, Judy. See InOrder Freelance Indexing

Technical Indexing Services
Angela Howard
PO Box 60355
Santa Barbara, CA 93160

Tempo Indexing
Laurel Rush
Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

Weaver Indexing Service
Carolyn G. Weaver
2213 138th Avenue SE
Bellevue, WA 98005
Officer 2015, 2003-2005, 1996-1998, 2016
Charter Member


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