Directory of Indexers by Specialty

Directory of Indexers in the Pacific Northwest by Specialty & Skill

This is a self-selected list of indexers who are members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society for Indexing and are willing to be contacted about freelance indexing projects. The PNW Chapter encourages each publisher to discuss projects with indexers and confirm appropriate qualifications.

How to Use This Guide

  • If you are seeking an indexer by name or business name, go to the alphabetical list of indexers page.
  • If you wish to locate an indexer who specializes in your book’s topic, who has certain software skills, language skills, or who specializes in indexing certain types of materials, use the table of subject specialties below or scroll down this page.
A Administration & Management || Africana/Black History || Agriculture || Anthropology || Art & Art History ||  Arts & Crafts
B Behavioral Science || Bibliographies || Biography || Biology || Business
C Catalogs || Children & YA || Communications || Computer & Technical Manuals || Cookbooks
D Databases/Knowledge Bases || Demography || Directories
E Earth Sciences || Ecology || Education || Embedded Indexes || Encyclopedias || England and Scotland || Environmental Studies
F Fiber Arts || Field Guides || Fish & Wildlife || Foreign Policy || Forestry
G Gardening & Horticulture || Genealogy || Geography || Government Documents || Graphics & Graphic Arts
H Health || History || Hobbies & Entertainment || How-To || Humanities, General
I International Relations
L Law || Legal Documents || Library & Information Science || Linguistics || Literature
M Marketing || Mathematics || Medicine
N Natural History
O Outdoor Recreation
P Pacific Northwest || Periodicals || Philosophy || Photography || Political Science || Politics/World Politics || Prevention & Wellness || Psychiatry || Psychology || Public Administration
R Real Estate || Reference || Religion
S Scholarly || Sciences, General || Self-Help || Social Sciences || Spirituality
T Textbooks || Trade Books || Travel
U Urban Planning
V Veterinary
W Wellness || Women’s Studies || Word for Windows or Mac

Administration & Management


Art & Art History

Arts & Crafts

Behavioral Science (see also Psychology)


Biographies & Memoirs

Business (see also Administration & Management)

See Pacific Northwest


Children & Young Adult


Computer and Technical Manuals



Earth Sciences


Embedded Indexes


England & Scotland

Environmental Studies (see also Ecology; Fish & Wildlife)

Finance. See Business

Fiber Arts

Fish & Wildlife (see also Ecology; Environmental Studies)

Garden & Horticulture



Geology. See Earth Sciences

Government Documents

Health (see also Wellness and Prevention; Medicine)

History. See also Natural History

Hobbies & Entertainment


Humanities, General (see also Arts, General; Behavioral Science)


Information Science. See Library & Information Science

International Relations. See Political Science/Politics


Legal Documents

Library & Information Science

Linguistics (see also specific languages)

Medicine (see also Health)

Natural History

Outdoor Recreation

Pacific Northwest (Includes Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, BC, Alberta)

Periodicals (journals, magazines, newsletters)

Philosophy See also Ethics


Philosophy of Religion. See Religious Studies/Theology

Political Science

Prevention & Wellness. See Wellness and Prevention



Public Administration


Religious Studies/Theology


Sciences, General (see also specific sciences, e.g. Biology)


Social Sciences (see also specific fields)


Spirituality. See Religious Studies



Theology. See Religious Studies/Theology.

Trade Books


Urban Planning


Wellness and Prevention (see also Health)

See Fish & Wildlife

Women’s Studies


This Directory and its earlier editions would not have been possible without the contributions of volunteers, especially Martha Osgood, Kristin Manke, Cheryl Landes, and Debra Spidal.

Members of PNW/ASI wishing to be included in the Directory should visit the Application page.


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