Volunteer with PNW-ASI!

The PNW Chapter’s vitality and relevance depends on volunteers. Benefits for volunteers include the sense of satisfaction that comes with being part of making good things happen, as well as increased opportunities for networking and relationship-building.

  • The PNW Chapter has three elected positions: Chair, Program Chair, and Treasurer. These positions can be held jointly, which is a good way for new volunteers to learn the ropes. Elections are held in the fall. Elected positions must be members of ASI and the PNW Chapter.
  • The Planning Committee for planning and organizing meetings is always in need of volunteers.
  • Other positions include webmaster, listserv coordinator, membership coordinator, and archivist. These positions are currently filled, but there may be tasks you can help out with.
  • We also encourage volunteers to propose new ideas that they would like to implement. For example, past volunteer projects have included a bi-annual newsletter.

If you’re interested in any of the above, contact the current Co-Chairs, Judy Staigmiller, at judy@inorderindexing.com, and Elizabeth Bartmess, at elizabeth.bartmess@gmail.com , or the Program Chair, Lisa Sorenson, at lmh003@gmail.com.