PNW Newsletter Archive

The Newsletter is in need of volunteers to resurrect it! As these links to back issues demonstrate, the newsletter has been a valuable way to build community within the PNW Chapter.
If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Judy Staigmiller at or Sam Arnold-Boyd at

Find the tables of contents of back issues here. The dates link to the PDF copies of back issues.

Winter 2020

  • From the Chair, Judy Staigmiller
  • PNW 2020 Leadership
  • “Basics & Beyond” at Fall 2019 Meeting
  • Looking Ahead to 2020
  • ASI’s 2020 Raleigh, NC conference
  • Spotlight on Do Mi Stauber

Summer 2019

  • Basics and Beyond: PNW’s Sept. 14 meeting
  • From the Chair, Judy Staigmiller
  • Congratulations to Sheila Ryan, ASI Excellence in Indexing Award winner
  • PNW/ASI Spotlight: Sheila Ryan
  • ASI 2019 Conference Report, by Sam Arnold-Boyd
  • ISC 2019 Montreal Conference Report, by Judi Gibbs and Ronnie Seagren
  • Remembering Erica Caridio

Winter 2019

  • From the Chair: Judy Staigmiller
  • PNW’s Leadership for 2019
  • Sherry Smith Award Recipient Lisa Fedorak
  • “Preparing for the Future” at PNW’s Fall Meeting
  • We Need Your Ideas and Help with Planning for September 2019!
  • PNW/ASI Spotlight: An Interview with Angela Howard
  • ASI 2019 Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona

Summer 2018

  • Preparing for the Future: September 15 in Vancouver
  • The Sherry Smith Award for New Indexers
  • ASI 2018 Conference in Cleveland: Indexers Rock: Two Perspectives
    • Judy Staigmiller
    • Confessions of an ASI National Conference Veteran — Carolyn Weaver
  • ISC-SCI 2018 Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba — Judi Gibbs
  • PNW/ASI Spotlight: An Interview with Madge Walls

Winter 2018 

  • PNW Board Transitions
  • PNW’s Virtual Peer Review
  • Vancouver in September 2018
  • “Better Skills, Better Business” Meeting
  • PNW/ASI Spotlight: An Interview with Maria Sosnowski

Summer 2017

  • From the President’s Desk: Scott Smiley
  • PNW’s meeting is Sept. 16!
  • The Sherry Smith Award for New Indexers
  • ASI 2017 Conference in Portland, Maine – An Interview with Paul Sweum
  • ISC-SCI 2017 Conference in Montreal – Judy Gibbs

Winter 2017

  • Celebrating PNW’s 20th!
  • Eniz Zafran: Indexing Narrative and Biography
  • Carol Roberts: Painless Index Editing
  • We Need Your Ideas for September 2017!
  • The Purple Pen Award Goes to PNW Member Sam Arnold-Boyd
  • PNW/ASI Spotlight: Scott Smiley
  • PNW Board Transitions: New Board Members, New ASI Bylaws
  • ASI 2017 Conference in Portland, Maine: Call for Proposals

Summer 2016

  • Our PNW Chapter is 20!
  • The Sherry Smith Award for New Indexers
  • PNW-ASI Spotlight: Carolyn Weaver
  • Happy 20th Birthway PNW-ASI: Our Roots
  • ASI/ISC-SCI Chicago Conference

 Winter 2016

PNW Chapter Fall Meeting
PNW-ASI Spotlight: Ruth Satterlee
PNW/ASI Survey Results

Summer/Fall 2012

  • From the Vice-President
  • Connecting with a Purpose
  • PDF Power for Indexers
  • Legal Indexes
  • Bastyr’s Author Kickoff
  • Passing Mentions
  • Five Eagles Peak Visits
  • Spring Meeting Photos
  • Newsletter Volunteers
  • Next Chapter Meeting

Fall 2011/Winter 2012 

  • From the President
  • PNW-ASI Info
  • IDPF Proposal
  • Perpetual Blogging, Pt. 2
  • Marketing Tips
  • James Keefe
  • Tweeting our Horn
  • Montana Festival of the Book
  • Indexing by Canoe
  • My San Diego
  • Fall Meeting Photos
  • Newsletter Volunteers
  • It’s Your Newsletter!
  • Next Chapter Meeting

Spring/Summer 2011

  • Reports on Spring Meeting
  • E-books
  • Rekeying Indexes
  • Regular Expressions (Regex)
  • Logo Committee
  • History Indexing
  • The Librarian Interviews
  • Presentation Skills
  • Cryptogram
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Words of the Author
  • Ultimate Indexing Job
  • It’s Your Newsletter

Fall 2010

  • From the President
  • Editing Your Index
  • Price Negotiations
  • Tag, You’re It!
  • Social Networking
  • Illustrative Material
  • “Camera-Ready” Indexing
  • See and See Also Rules
  • My Ultimate Indexing Job
  • Volunteer Focus: Archivist

Spring 2010

  • Wordstock
  • Seattle Bookfest
  • Cataloguing Tools
  • Share Your Approach
  • Planes, Trains, or Automobiles
  • Kohlrabi
  • STC Award
  • Fall 09 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Volunteers Needed
  • Contact List

Spring 2009

  • ASI Annual Conference
  • Legal Indexing
  • Trends in Indexing
  • Networking
  • STC Honors Cheryl Landes
  • The Art of Indexing
  • Connecting with Art
  • Networking Dinners
  • Focus on Secretary

Summer 2008

  • Hines Award
  • Indexing Problem
  • Name Indexes
  • Building a Business
  • Taming the Wild Project List
  • ASI Annual Meeting
  • A Canadian Perspective
  • PNW/ASI Brochures
  • PNW/Spring Conference
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • Why Computers Can’t Index

Winter/Spring 2008

  • Introduction to Macros
  • Kari Kells on SKY Index
  • Social Notes
  • Dragon Speak Naturally
  • Tech Corner
  • Tax Deductions
  • Business Meeting and Chapter Reports
  • Community Relations/Marketing Committee
  • Why Computers Can’t Index
  • Pro Bono
  • A Rose-Covered Cottage
  • Volunteer Recognition

Autumn 2007

  • Productivity: the Pros Speak Out
  • Business Meeting and Chapter Reports
  • What is Index Editing?
  • Logo Update
  • Ergonomics by Colleen Dunham
  • Technology Corner
  • PNW-ASI Priorities
  • Peer Review
  • Wilson Award Winner DoMi Stauber
  • Office Max Members-Only Pricing program
  • Annual Chapter Indexing Awards

Winter/Spring 2007

  • Tech Corner
  • Painless Index Editing with Carol Roberts
  • Panel of Publishers
  • By the Numbers
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration Featuring Charlee Trantino, winner of the 2006 Wilson Award
  • Raffle a Huge Success
  • News from Other Chapters
  • Learning to Read

Summer 2006

  • Author, Author
  • Progress and Opportunities from PNW/ASI Community Relations and Marketing Committee
  • What Makes You So Special?
  • Wordstock Book Fair 2006
  • Janet Perlman Receives Top Indexing Honor
  • My First PNW-ASI Meeting
  • Indexers Are Entertaining
  • Tech Corner
  • Progress and Opportunities from PNW/ASI Web Site Committee
  • Fran Lennie Shows Off – Cindex for Mac OS X
  • News from Other Chapters
  • The “Dreaded Embedded” Presentations

Winter/Spring 2004

  • Quality Indexes and Indexer Work Methods
  • Annual ASI-IASC/SCAD Conference: an International Home Run
  • Consistency in online Indexes
  • Indexer Ethics
  • Portrait of Two Indexers – Bart Arenson/Andrea Avni
  • Far Corners
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Spring 2003
  • Portrait of an Indexer – Ron Sheriff
  • Ask an Indexer
  • Far Corners
  • Thomas Jefferson: the Father of American Indexing?
  • Vancouver B.C. Meeting
  • Volunteer Network

Summer 2002

  • Portrait of an Indexer: Breffni Whelan – by Dale Tigner
  • The Environment, Indexes, and Federal Laws by Kristin Manke
  • NISO: The Scoop on Standards by Judi Gibbs
  • About Us: Member Stats & Tidbits compiled by Kari Kells
  • Spring Chapter Meeting in Seattle: A Weekend of Renewal
  • by Carolyn Thibault with Mary Ratcliffe and Drew Proctor
  • Ask an Indexer compiled by Cheryl Landes
  • Logic Puzzle: Indexers Meet in Seattle by Cher Paul
  • Indexing Sessions at the 49th STC Conference by Cheryl Landes

Fall/Winter 2001

  • Portrait of an Indexer: Ritch Pope
  • Ten Commandments of Moonlighting
  • Cookbooks and Moonlight
  • Index Challenges
  • Member stats and tidbits
  • Nuts and Bolts and Insults
  • Peer Reviews – why and where
  • Because We are Stronger together
  • Summer 2001
  • Portrait of an Indexer – Do Mi Stauber
  • Recent Indexes by members
  • Spring Meeting – a Two Day Event
  • Member Tidbits and Stats
  • Indexing Course Comparisons
  • Message From President
  • Message from Vice President
  • Message from Past President
  • Ask An Indexer
  • Indexing Nightmare #73
  • ASI’s 33rd Annual Conference
  • Far Corners

Spring 2001

  • Jan Wright: Portrait of an Indexer by Cheryl Landes
  • Recent Indexes by Our Members compiled by Helen Schinske
  • A Look Back: My First Year As an Indexer by Carolyn Thibault
  • Indexing Process: October Meeting by Katherine Sychra
  • Grabbing Their Attention: Writing Your Best Resume by Drew Proctor
  • Answers and Insights by Kari Kells
  • Presentation Skills: What to Do About Nervousness by Cynthia Landeen
  • Ask an Indexer compiled by Cheryl Landes
  • Michelle Wiseman: Far Corners by Sherry Smith
  • Volunteer Corner by Sherry Smith
  • Attention NW Publishers: Here We Are! by Carolyn Thibault
  • E-mail Discussion Groups compiled by Shirley Hansen
  • Stand and Deliver–Recent Presentations by PNW/ASI Members by Cynthia Landeen
  • Statistical Snapshot of Our Membership by Kari Kells

Summer 2000

  • Portrait of an Indexer: Martha Osgood by Cheryl Landes
  • Statistical Snapshot of Our Membership: Responses to
  • some questions on personal interests by Kari Kells
  • Forming the Chapter by Betty Frizzell
  • More Statistics: More questions for the membership by Sherry Smith
  • Our Friends to the North: ISAC Annual Conference by Heather Marsch
  • Annual Informal Tea in Eugene by Cheryl Landes
  • Judy Dunlop: Far Corners Profile of an Alberta member by Sherry Smith
  • Ask an Indexer Questions posed by guests at the Society for Technical Communication’s annual conference compiled by Cheryl Landes
  • Stand and Deliver Brief accounts of presentations by Chapter indexers by Cynthia Landeen
  • Summer Meeting: Focus on Marketing for the Shy by Carolyn Thibault
  • Recent Indexes by Our Members compiled by Helen Schinske
  • My First National Conference by Kristin Manke
  • Meet Our New Vice President, Barbara Kempf by Kristin Manke
  • Volunteer Corner by Sherry Smith

Spring 2000

  • Portrait of an Indexer: Carolyn Weaver by Kristin Manke
  • Rememberinmg the Past
  • More Statistics
  • Recent Indexes
  • Facing the Text (while touring the country)
  • Ask an Indexer
  • Peer Reviews
  • Monthly Informal Meetings in Eugene
  • Non-Book Indexing
  • Time Management
  • Volunteer Corner

Fall 1999

  • Portrait of an Indexer: Louise Martin by Shirley Hansen

Summer 1999

  • Portrait of an Indexer: Julie Kawabata by Kristin Manke
  • Statistical Snapshot of Our Membership: most useful ways of finding new clients, details about contracts and invoices.
  • Recent Indexes by PNW/ASI Members compiled by Helen Schinske
  • Meet Your New Officers: 1999-2000 by Sherry Smith
  • Volunteer Corner by Sherry Smith
  • Marketing 101: Contacting Publishers by Randl Ockey
  • Ask an Indexer: “Should there be limits on the length and thoroughness of an online index”, “How is page length determined for print indexes”, and “How do you handle indexing text you don’t understand” by Cheryl Landes
  • Meeting Report: Judging Indexes for Wilson Award Explained at Spring Chapter Meeting by Cheryl Landes

Spring 1999

  • Portrait of an Indexer: Colleen Dunham by Kristin Manke
  • Marketing 101 by Randl Ockey
  • Informal Meetings
  • Statistical Snapshot of Our Membership: highest level of education, current indexing status, method of learning indexing, professional memberships in other organizations, other services provided.
  • Readership Survey
  • Ask an Indexer: “I am an indexer with no published samples. How do I get samples to show potential clients”, “Is the second USDA indexing course, Applied Indexing, worth the investment”, and “Do I need a separate fax machine if I have a computer with a fax-modem” by Cheryl Landes
  • Indexer in the News!
  • Recent Indexes by PNW/ASI Members compiled by Helen Schinske
  • Meeting Report: Indexing Training Focus of Fall Chapter Meeting
  • October ’98 Business Meeting: Record-breaking Attendance by Cheryl Landes
  • Volunteer Corner

Fall 1998

  • Lending Library Now Open For Business
  • Indexes Published compiled by Helen Schinske
  • Statistical Snapshot of Our Membership: years as ASI members, years as professional indexers, and equipment/supplies owned
  • Portrait of an Indexer: Kari Kells by Fran Smith
  • Ask an Indexer: “Why should authors not index their own books” and “Are there times when you shouldn’t index proper nouns” compiled by Cheryl Landes
  • Meeting Report: Running Successful Freelance Business Requires Variety of Skills
  • Marketing 101 by Randl Ockey
  • March Business Meeting: PNW/ASI Healthy and Growing by Cheryl Landes

Spring 1998

  • Portrait of an Indexer: Elspeth Pope
  • Meeting Report: Classification Techniques Focus of Chapter Meeting
  • Statistical Snapshot of Our Membership: materials indexed and subject specialties
  • Professional Training for Technical Indexers

Fall 1997

  • Meeting Report: Chapter Plays Host to Publishers
  • East of the Cascades
  • Committee Opportunities
  • Indexing Students Lent Their Ears

Paper Copies of Back Issues

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