2023 Fall Meeting Recap

Thirty-six indexers and future indexers gathered for the 2023 ASI/PNW chapter virtual meeting on Saturday, Nov 4 for Pilar Wyman’s presentation, “Best Practices to Avoid Rookie Mistakes”. Pilar showed and discussed examples of mistakes relating to categorization, rewriting the text in the index, overanalysis, (lack of) consistency, and metatopic issues.

After the presentation, we grouped into breakout rooms for newbie and early-career indexers (moderated by Sam Arnold-Boyd and Lisa Sorenson, with Pilar as guest) and for mid- and late-career indexers (moderated by Carolyn Weaver and Judy Staigmiller). The mid- and late-career indexers caught up with each other and discussed topics related to indexing techniques. The newbie and early-career indexers’ discussion focused on business aspects of indexing, including marketing, networking, and taxes.

Following the breakout rooms, we reunited as a larger group. The newer indexers asked a couple questions of the mid/late-career indexers, and both groups shared takeaways from their breakout room discussions. Mylinh Hamlington discussed the IndexersOfDiversity mailing list, a subgroup of the IDG mailing list for BIPOC and members of other underrepresented groups to share experiences and find community. Sam Arnold-Boyd mentioned the upcoming ASI Digital Publications Indexing SIG meeting this Wednesday, Nov 8, at which researcher and indexer Mary Coe will present her research on ebook indexes. The meeting is open to DPI SIG members; ASI and ISC members can join the SIG for $12/year.

We closed with an update from Judy Staigmiller on the upcoming PNW Chapter elections and volunteer positions:

  • Sam Arnold-Boyd is stepping down as Program Co-Chair; Elizabeth Bartmess and Lisa Sorenson, current Co-Chairs, are running again for next year.
  • Angela Howard (current Treasurer) is running for Co-Treasurer with Lisa Sorenson.
  • Maria Sosnowski is continuing as Membership Coordinator.
  • Sam Arnold-Boyd and Elizabeth Bartmess are continuing as Co-Webmasters for the new Chapter website that Chapter member Joanne Sprott helped design and implement for us last year.
  • Our current chair, C. Riley Auge, is stepping down. Judy Staigmiller is running for Chair and is seeking someone to run as Co-Chair. The Co-Chair position is straightforward to carry out (position description here) and is a good chance to get to know local and national chapter members better.
  • Anyone interested in volunteering or running for an elected position should let Maria know (maria@index-plus.com).

An optional mailing list has been set up for fall meeting attendees for discussion of the conference material and related indexing issues. The list will stay open until next year’s conference registration closes. If you would like to be on the list but did not receive the invitation or are having trouble joining, email meetingpnw@gmail.com.