July 2023 Informal Virtual Gathering Recap

Fifteen chapter members gathered for this informal meeting led by program co-chair Sam Arnold-Boyd, with help from Judy Staigmiller. The meeting started with a circle share in which each member described their connection to indexing and something related to summer. Highlights included the discovery that two members created indexes for their family National Geographic collections when they were kids! It also was amazing that so many indexers benefited from the instruction of Kari Kells. The discussion focused next on how to support members with health issues, and a longtime member who has recently recovered from a major problem offered some good ideas.

Planning for PNW’s fall virtual meeting received a big boost with the announcement of two new co-chairs, Elizabeth Bartmess and Lisa Sorenson, who will join Sam Arnold-Boyd as a trio of planners. The meeting will take place on a Saturday morning in early October with a program that will include a featured speaker. Stay tuned for more information.

Participants agreed to stay for an extra thirty minutes to allow for questions and answers. One question prompted a helpful discussion on personalized marketing approaches, such as contacting professors about upcoming books. Another question addressed the practice of placing a long page span at the heading of an entry that includes subheadings.

Another member noted that the Purple Pen contest for new indexers, run by the Institute for Certified Indexers, is in its final year. All entries receive detailed feedback, which past contestants have found very helpful. For entry criteria and submission instructions, see the Institute for Certified Indexers’ website.

Members are appreciative of these informal gatherings!